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AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: This great catalog consisting of Peavy, Fender, G&L, Greg Bennett, Ibanez, Paul Reed Smith, Yamaha, and Washburn electric and acoustic guitars are all selling regardless of price to the highest bidder! 






1          Fender Telecaster Sunburst MEX

2          Fender Telecaster MEX, Natural, MZ6218242

3          Fender Thinline Telecaster, Natural, MEX MZ6241488

4          Fender Squire Telecaster, China, Light Yellow CGS0927111

5          Fender Telecaster, Light mustard, MEX MX 15678389. Hard Case

6          Fender Squire Telecaster, China, Natural CGS1007083

7          Greg Bennett Design, Royale, Duncan Designed RL-3/OS, SI110770839

8          Greg Bennett Design, Ravion, Indonesia, SI110303825 Hard Case

9          Greg Bennett Design, Avion, SI0110369 Hard Case

10        Greg Bennett Avion, Black, SI090401003 Hard Case

11        G&L Tribute ASAT Special, Natural, 05015207

12        G&L Tribute ASAT Classic, Natural, 03081928

13        G&L Tribute ASAT Classic, Natural 0505229

14        G&L Fallout Red/Clear, 160316122

15        G&L ASAT Tribute 1500904088

16        G&L Tribute S-500 Natural, 03102006

17        G&L ASAT Special, BLK, 06026252

18        G&L Legacy, Blk, 101119669

19        Ibanez RG Series, White, RG350DX, 100514435

20        Ibanez, Natural RG471AH

21        Peavey Patriot, Black, 01598274, Hard Case

22        Peavey Generation EXP, Light Yellow, No Serial

23        Peavey Generation EXP, Triple Blonde, AQGK1933

24        Peavey Generation EXP, No SN, Black

25        Peavey T-26 Natural, 01240744

26        Peavey T-30 Natural, 01409736

27        Peavey T-25 Natural, 01267015

28        Peavey Predator, Blk/White, 05172492

29        Peavey Reactor, Blk/White, 07376873

30        Peavey Reactor, Blk/White, 06663555

31        Peavey Reactor, Blk/White, 06314420, Missing back plate

32        Peavey Predator, Blk/White, 05200905, Missing back plate

33        Peavey Predator, Blk/White, 05548671

34        Peavey Predator, Blk/White, 06314110, No Back Plate

35        Peavey Predator, Rd/White, 07440953

36        PRS SE Angelus, Acoustic, A10E, 2014, D02277, Hard Case

37        PRS SE EG, White, D11244

38        PRS SX Vintage Series, Custom Handmade, No SN

39        PRS SE 245, IB12218

40        PRS SX Vintage Series Custom Handmade, 0835538, Hard Case

41        Peavey Reactor, Black/White, 09530462

42        Peavey Patriot, Natural, 02090797, Hard Case

43        Peavey HPEX, Blk, AQHC1348, Hard Case

44        Peavey Reactor, Blk/White, 08476727, Hard Case

45        Peavey Predator, Red/White, 063300121, Hard Case

46        Peavey Predator, 05251872

47        Washburn X-Series, X-50 Pro Q, 06082992

48        Yamaha Pacific, PAC611VFM


BUYER’S PREMIUM: 10% Buyer’s Premium will be added to all winning bids.


PAYMENT: Cash, Check or Wire Transfer accepted ~ All Major Credit Cards accepted with an additional 3% Processing Fee.


PICKUP FOR ALL ITEMS: will be Tuesday, October 24th, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at 929 Airport Road, Hot Springs, AR 71913.


All Items Will be Sold ONLINE ONLY Through the Wilson Auctioneers Bidding App & Website ~ ALL ITEMS WILL SELL REGARDLESS OF PRICE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER!

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