Buyer Broker Participation Terms

A commission* will be paid to the licensed real estate broker who meets the terms below and whose registered buyer pays for and closes title to the property.


Register prospective buyers for specific properties, prior to any inspection of the property by the buyer. Broker must complete the "Buyer Broker Registration Form".

Buyer Broker Registration Form

NOTE: This form must be completed, signed by Broker and/or Agent and Prospective Buyer, and returned to us by mail, email ( or fax at least 48 hours prior to the auction.

  • Submit Buyer Broker Registrations at least 48 hours prior to the auction.

  • Accompany and sign-in with your client at any inspection of the property.

  • Registrations must be signed by both the prospective buyer and the broker or agent.

  • Attend the auction with your client.

*No broker will be recognized for a prospect who has previously contacted Seller or Wilson Auctioneers, Inc. or has been previously contacted by Seller or Wilson Auctioneers, Inc.  No commission will be paid to any broker acting as a principal in the purchase of the property.  An affidavit stating that neither broker, nor any of his employees or agents, nor any member of his immediate family is a principal, may be required.  Commissions will be paid by seller upon closing.  A complete registration file on all prospects will be maintained.  All registrations accepted by Wilson Auctioneers, Inc. will be acknowledged via e-mail or fax and in writing at the auction registration desk.  No oral registrations will be accepted.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this procedure.

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