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The Wilson Way by Inviting Arkansas

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With nearly a century of combined real estate auction experience, the team of experts at Wilson Auctioneers delivering a winning combination of enthusiasm and energy – with measurable results. President & Principal Broker Joe Wilson share insight for his company’s continued success.

WHAT IS WILSON AUCTIONEERS BASIC BUSINESS MODEL? We are a real estate auction company – a full service, in house operation. With our own bidding platform, our services are convenient and reliable.

WHAT MAKES WILSON AUCTIONEERS UNIQUE? We sell everything as a public auction. Most of the people are not in trouble, but just looking to buy, sell, or auction their property.

WHAT ARE YOU INSPIRED BY? My dad started the company in 1961. In the beginning, he worked at a gas station making $25 a week seven days a week. One day, he went to an auction and the auctioneer made $96 as his commission in just one hour. The rest is history.

WHAT IS A PERK OF BEING A BUSINESS OWNER? You’re your own boss .. two edge sword!

WHAT IS YOUR BEST ADVICE? My dad once told me to treat everyone like you want to be treated and to be an honest – a man of your word.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT LIVING + GIVING IN ARKANSAS? I love this state! I have been in business for 48 years and one of the most rewarding aspects is getting to give back to my community.

WHAT IS YOUR MUST-HAVE BUSINESS TOOL? The ability to market to the community and finding a buyer based on what we are selling.




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